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Personal Collection 

"Bag Ladiez is a podcast about BAGGAGE: yours, mine, and ours. Through the podcast, our goal is to help ourselves and our listeners by pushing ourselves to be vulnerable about the way that the world affects us and our ability to live our truest, most authentic lives." I co-host and co-produce this podcast with my co-host, Lina.   

finaltimespacedream_mixdownCin Pim
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What is time? What is space? What is dreaming vs reality? I often do not realize the difference between weekdays & weekends. It just feels like I am in a weird timer state. I do not reset but I continue going forward. In this pandemic, people talk about the new normal but I do not think this is normal and should not be accepted as "normal". This audio piece is called "times:pace dream"

Past Experience 

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