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I have been invited to different live events such as panels, speaking engagements, and live shows. I have spoken on topics such as afro latinx identity, podcast creation, racism, sexism, self-healing, video games, artwork, college preparation and college success. 

The Art of Creating & Maintaining A Successful Podcast

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FUTURO, a one-day conference featuring conversations from top thought-leaders, executives, and influencers in the digital space. From social media to video on demand, mobile video consumption to digital content, Multiculturals are a driving force in the digital era, and yet diversity and investment in the Multicultural space continues to be scarce.

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Watch Video here!!!

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Passing the Mic: A Conversation with Tamarindo Podcast, Radio Menea and Bag Ladiez" will take place in Pendleton Atrium. This panel addresses a wide range of Latinx issues relating to politics, pop culture, and media.

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