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My name is Cin Pim

Also known as Estephanie on Bag Ladiez. I am a storyteller & audio producer. I produce live shows, speaker engagements, virtual workshops, and events.


I have pitched many success stories and new shows to external companies such as Himalaya & Spotify.  Many of my work has been listed in Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue & Marie Claire and have been nominated for a Webby award: the Brown Girl Guide to Politics, Encyclopedia Womannica, and Spirited.

I also co-host & co-produce a podcast called Bag Ladiez which has been listed by Stitcher best of 2020 list. Bag Ladiez is a podcast about BAGGAGE: yours, mine, and ours. The podcast has been featured in Latina, Spotify, Stitcher, Greene Space, GoMag, Shondaland, Remezcla & more.

Born, and raised in the best city in the world: The Bronx. I am currently working and looking for the next challenge of storytelling.